Who are we ?
L-WARID OIL SERVICES was established to fulfill a much needed support by the  Libyan operator and oilfield Service Companies developing and/or seeking to develop business opportunities in Libya’s oil & gas industry. We provide engineering, consultancies, logistical, technical, and commercial services.

ALWARID is fully registered and licensed to operate in Libya, it is driven by goal oriented policies in which performance is the primary mover, to achieve its goals, the company has recognized that customer satisfaction is the single most important aspect of any business upon which profits and long term growth depend.  In association with its working partners we introduced innovative quality products, techniques and technologies that constitute the core of its future growth.  The intended product line is focused on solutions to the problems in "Oil Production" and is focused on meeting market demand as well as customer expectations in the form of better support services.
As Libya has moved forward in developing its oil resources both onshore and offshore. The development is focused on doubling production through exploration and enhancing oil recovery of current reserves, to do so Libya has in 2005 awarded over 70 blocks; this process is attracting oil and service companies from all over the world seeking a place in this premiere market.
Companies entering Libya for the first time must find the right partner to assist them navigate through the local needs and requirements to establish business.
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