We provide

Drilling & Workover Rigs.

Drilling & Workover Supervision.

Mud Logging Unit.

Mud Engineers.

Mud Material.

Calibration and Inspections of
Tanks, Substances and
Petroleum pipelines.

Maintenance of Desalination

Welding Operations of on Hot
and Cold Piles.

We Supply desalination Plants

We supply

Drilling equipment

Production equipments:
(Tubing, Packers, Wellheads and
Tubing Hangers)

Artificial lift equipments

Petroleum Engineers

Well testing

Slick Line activity

Staff accommodation

- Equipment renewal and repair.
- Polymeric metal repair.
- On line leak repairing and control valve testing  
  and certifying.
- Desludging, Cleaning and repairing of Tanks,
  pets, etc.
- Ultrasonic cleaning services.
- Cleaning and repairing of heat exchangers.
- Supply of Oil tools and well head.
- Industrial Chemicals Supply.
- Drilling Consultant.
- Electro chemical platting.
- Well Head Maintenance.
   Our Partners Products & Services

    - EPOXY & ACID FRAC Tanks
    - Mud Skips & Tanks
    - Offshore Chemical Tanks
    - Cargo Box and Baskets
    - Dry Goods Containers
    - Fire Tube Boiler
    - Half Height Containers
    - Mini Containers
    - Open Top Containers
    - Separators
    - Skips
    - Tubular Transportation & Stocking Frames
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